Strategic Planning & Administration
Tried and tested solutions

Strategy and bid submission

Whether implementing a business plan, preparing a budget or submitting a winning bid, Conferium partners with you as you strive towards your goals.

Detailed budget

Our model, designed to ensure that all elements are taken into account, offers a global and detailed perspective on each event to optimize budget management.

Enhanced financial monitoring

Our tools provide daily monitoring and ensure the management of invoices and taxes, and the creation of reports for the organizing committee.


Registration Management
Flexible and reliable solution

Flexible registration form

The flexible registration form is customized to your event.

Registration follow-up

Our reliable and flexible on-line registration and hotel booking system is paired with direct access to our staff of professionals to provide each participant with personalized high-quality service.

Centralized management

More than a registration system, the data collection procedure is configured to enable constant monitoring of your participants and exhibitors and precise control over the services offered during the event (meals, accommodation, meeting room assignment…). A webpage keeps you informed in real-time of abstract submissions and registrations. In addition, reports and statistics can be produced according to your requirements.

Fast and secure payment

Participants pay directly and securely during the online registration or at the registration desk.

On-site presence

Because our team works on the event from start to finish, this ensures that your participants are greeted warmly and efficiently. Our presence is discreet and proactive.

Abstract management
Dedicated solutions

Save hours of work with our unique platform! Our advanced management system makes the work of your scientific committee as simple and effective as possible: abstract submission, assignment management, review and evaluation, personalized follow-up and scientific program scheduling. All information is centralized to save you considerable time and avoid oversights.

Professional support

Our project managers will be present throughout the process to make the necessary follow-ups with participants and assist you with the abstract review.

Dynamic program

Thanks to our expertise and our ability to adapt to changing needs, we make it possible to offer options such as a dynamic program, an interactive abstract book or a personalized schedule for each participant. Designed, edited and updated in one place, all can be embedded directly into your event’s website.

Virtual Conference

Logistics and coordination
Flawless solutions

With their know-how and tools, our event professionals work tirelessly to assist you in placing the content at the forefront of the event to optimize knowledge exchange and participant interactions.

Logistics and coordination

We coordinate with service providers to ensure the success of your event and offer a memorable experience to each participant. We make it a priority to meticulously and thoroughly supervise all on-site services. Whether planning for plenary or parallel sessions, our experience gives us the ability to tailor the solution to your needs.

Accommodation management

Our contacts in the hotel industry allow us to offer organizers a customized risk-free solution. Mindful of the needs of your participants, we negotiate competitive rates and offer a personalized and flexible service to ensure they get the best value for their money.

Unique tourist activities and networking evenings

We can plan social activities tailored to your needs. Let us take care of every step from requests for proposals, schedule planning, contract negotiations, transportation coordination and detailed programming. Guided tours, rafting, cultural discoveries, themed evenings, banquet... there are so many possibilities to encourage participant interaction and transform your event into an unforgettable experience.

Communication and New Technologies
Simple and effective solutions

Original and personalized communication

Designing a unique visual image for your event, one that can be easily adapted to various platforms (advertising, website, signage, printed program) is essential to maximize visibility. Combined with the implementation of a well-crafted communication strategy, the image design will help promote the event and increase the number of participants and partners.

An up-to-date and responsive website

Get more for your money and increase efficiency by choosing our turnkey website solutions. Their simple and intuitive ergonomics allows visitors to easily access the desired information. The websites are also easily configured to adapt to your event’s requirements. We apply the principles of Responsive Web Design to ensure optimal user-friendly navigation on smartphones, tablets and computers. Because our sites are designed with this approach, your participants will have all the information at their fingertips before and during the conference.

Exhibition and Partnership
Custom Solutions

We pay particular attention to the involvement of partners and exhibitors to ensure the success of your event. Conferium can implement a professional process to assist you in this regard.

Attractive partnership plan

To increase the number of partners, we design partnership plans offering strong visibility and products of high-added value. We can also take on the partner solicitation process.

Interactive exhibition

Whether dealing with 5 or 40 exhibitors, we provide end-to-end logistic services, from billing to on-site assistance. The satisfaction of all parties - participants, partners, exhibitors, speakers and committees - is our priority.